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DevReach 2012 - More than experience

Yesterday I have returned from the conference DevReach, fulfilled with impressions. The organisation was wonderful and the shared knowledge - very much. I managed to touch to todays tendencies in programming - most of all - the mobile platforms.

My head is full of info, which is difficult to reproduce at the moment. It looks i have had lots these couple of days - like a kid I have overaten with candies :) As a whole I can share the following - I have attended several framework reviews, which I have not heard before. I have seen the new stuff on ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012 and one-two(-three) media for applications developement. Not on last place - several conceptual talks, which completed the boquiet of acceptance.

The lecture I have most impression of - one of the vices in Telerik, Todd Anglin, presented for an hour how to make a mobile application by HTML 5, a UI framework (Telerik's one), media (core) for the different mobile OS, cloud hosting and remote debugging. I will try to reproduce more the material in more details because it is really worthy!

Finally but not by importance - the infrastructure. It is a great idea to use a cinema center for a conference - halls, technics and food chains. The organisers have taken care of everything - coffee, tea, breakfast, fruits, food vouchers and finally - plenty of beer ;) Thank you! Of course, I wish to thank to my employer who has financed this magic.

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28.12.2022, Happy Christmas!

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08.12.2016, My very first book will be written soon!

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24.08.2014, Our first online shop

Today our first online shop came to this world. Purple elephant is a result fromk the work of my wife Yana and our framework, whcich is becomming better and better.

10.11.2013, The Golh has new proud owner

This week I was surprised by two bids for the Golf by two lowers of the holly model. The one of them managed to win it and now our car is happy with its new young owner. I wish them both nice living and lots og nice moments together.

05.07.2013, Garden of life and its web site

My wife rises her speed. She and her friends opened an unparalleled centre - Garden of life! More...

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