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What we leave when we work abroad

Or how to claim our tax back and tax return from UK, Australia, USA and the rest of the world?

As some of you are aware, I work for a leading financial company since 2010. The company's first business is tax refund (tax back) and these days I have decided to work also privately for my employer. From today I am officially an affiliete (partner) of my employer. If you wish to receive back your taxes and social insurances you have payed abroad, you can use some of the locations below and to become happy (me also)

So, if some of you have worked abroad, offers tax and social insurance return - fully legal and easy. According to the stats, more than 260 000 people have used the service successfully. Here is the list with the countries you can apply a tax refund from:

Of course these are just some of the services offers. One more interesting functionality is the free online tax calculator.

Have fun (and money)!

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